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Become a Basic or Holistic Newborn Care Specialist or a Newborn Nanny!

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Gentle Ventures strives to always stay one step ahead, bringing you the best in newborn care. Gentle Venture’s is now offering a step above the ordinary. The Basic Newborn Care Course, along with the Newborn Care/Newborn Nanny Course, offers you the most comprehensive information. With our newest addition, the Holistic Course, you will able to give natural suggestions to the client when the baby or the client has common issues. You can educate and assist the client in all aspects of newborn care. The Holistic course will teach you more natural ways to deal with newborn issues than any other course currently available in the United States. We do not stop at basic and then charge more for the advanced, elite or masters. We include all in one price. 

Gentle Venture's entire curriculum is approved by the Newborn Care Specialist Association for certification and the Holistic course is also accredited by the International Maternity and Parenting Institute. We are indeed honored to be supported by such amazing companies. 

Newborns are her specialty. With more than 28 years of experience, Nancy is prepared to share her vast knowledge of newborns, the practical side being your own boss, finding employment, and becoming a successful newborn caregiver. All of this spiced with humor and fun.   

Gentle Ventures.offers the Newborn Care Specialist course for ages 0 – 12 weeks, the Newborn Nanny Course for 0 – 18 months, and now the Holistic course for 0- 12 weeks.

Gentle Ventures was the first to offer online courses over ten years ago, and we continue to be the first to bring you new and innovative ideas. Our name and our reputation precedes us and is our code of honor.   We are been honored to teach the following:

  • RN
  • LPN
  • Nanny
  • Postpartum or Labor Doula
  • Midwife
  • NCS
  • Child care provider
  • Agency owner
  • Anyone interested in caring for newborns
  • Someone who has taken a course from another company

Gentle Venture’s students receive a free lifetime mentorship when they take this course. This means you may come to us when you need advice, counsel, or an advocate. It also means that your teacher will be your mentor and not another student.

We are now offering agencies you may contact who are placing interns and experienced specialists.


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