COMING SOON! Your Holistic Guide

A New Begining cover book 3

WE ARE BACK....We have published our Holistic Newborn and Newborn Nanny courses and now we have taken our success one step further.
We are almost ready to put our latest endeavor online and in print for you!
Gentle Venture's Holistic Guide. This is a booklet that will walk you through many of the common maladies. It is not a newborn care instructional booklet it is strictly a holistic guide

I have just decided to add pregnancy and birth so I am pushing back publication by a week or so.  I had so many requests for this to be added mostly by doulas.  And honestly, the study is so interesting  

Reserve your copy now!  You will be able to order a hard copy or read it online.Here is a list of the subject that are covered:  Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum, Breastfeeding and Newborn Issues

A New Beginning


Written by : Nancy Hamm

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