Holistic NCS Class

This is a complete course, beginning with fundamental concepts, progressing to advanced care, and including natural modalities for healing.

  • Ages Covered: 0-12 weeks
  • Number of Classes: 12
  • Hours of Videos: 2 plus
  • Time to take the Class: Weekend to a year.
  • Based on: Scientific Research, Expert Opinion, and over 40 years of hands-on experience
  • Mentorship: Available for all students for a lifetime
  • Discounts: Continuing Education and Workshop Discounts for Students
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Agencies available for placement of interns and experienced specialists.

The course also includes a complete NCS course along with holistic modalities to help ease a newborn or the client through minor issues. We use homeopathy remedies, herbal remedies, essential oils, cranial-sacral, pediatric chiropractor, acupressure, and some proven home remedies to make healing a natural event.

We fully discuss sleep conditioning and sleep training, two completely different ways to help an infant sleep through the night. We talk about formula and the reason not to use them, along with helpful suggestions on which ones are safe for human consumption. We discuss reflux, colic, failure to thrive, RAD, death of an infant, along with how to market yourself, your resume, portfolio, and how to present yourself at an interview.

This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to start your career or business as a Newborn Care Specialist.

Check out our Course Curriculum below by clicking on the title of each course on the right.

The Holistic NCS course consists of:

Basic and advanced techniques for Newborn Care 0 - 12 weeks

The Holistic Newborn

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