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Gentle Ventures has introduced these individual classes to our course selection, considering those on a budget or facing financial constraints. Our commitment lies in imparting proper newborn care knowledge to anyone with the desire to learn. These standalone classes have been priced affordably to ensure accessibility for everyone.

Following the original sequence, you'll progress through these classes, mirroring the order of the full course, except for the sleep training class. This particular class, in high demand, holds a distinct pricing structure for those not enrolled in the full program. Upon completing the entire course, you'll unlock a 50% discount for this #3 class.

Additionally, you have the option to select individual classes that specifically address the information you require. It's not mandatory to enroll in the entire course

The comprehensive manual accompanies this course after completing class #7. Should you opt for either class one or two and later decide to continue with the full course, the funds spent on these classes can be seamlessly transferred to the complete curriculum. This transition also presents the opportunity to acquire the manual.

For inquiries regarding this offer or any further details, please reach out to [email protected].

We sincerely hope you find value and enjoyment in these classes. Feel free to engage with the content at a pace that suits you. To explore our Course Curriculum, you can find it HERE or simply click on the title of each course on the right.

To complete our Newborn Care Specialist Course, you must:

  • Complete Courses 1-11
  • Complete NCS Ethics, the homework, and the Exam




To complete our Newborn Nanny Course, you must:

  • Complete Courses 1-15
  • Complete Newborn Nanny Ethics, the homework, and the Exam.



Pay As You Go Courses

Class 5: Holistic Formulas

  • Teacher: Nancy Hamm
  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration:
  • Price: $ 50.00

No certificate is given for this course

Table of Contents

Class 5 Formulas


Our aim is to empower you with a comprehensive understanding of formulas, breaking them down to their essential components.

Within this class, we embark on a thorough exploration of formulas, demystifying their components and shedding light on their composition. We leave no stone unturned as we delve into crucial topics such as GMOs, Soy, DHA/ARA, sugars, and the presence of chemicals in formulas. Moreover, we tackle the concept of organic formulas, discussing the reasons behind our reservations towards them.

In our commitment to providing a well-rounded perspective, we not only guide you through what to avoid, but we also offer insights into the purest and most nutritious formulas available. This knowledge empowers you to make informed choices for the infants under your care.

The class extends beyond just formula content. It encompasses bottle feeding, including selecting appropriate bottles and nipples. We address alternative feeding methods, lactose intolerance concerns, and much more. Our discussions range from homemade formula recipes to accommodating special dietary needs.

By the end of this class, you'll have acquired a profound grasp of formula intricacies, enabling you to make well-informed choices for infant nutrition. Armed with this knowledge, you'll confidently navigate the vast landscape of feeding options, ensuring the best possible care for the babies you tend to.

  • Formula Choices
  • Soy Formula Dangers
  • Goat's Milk Formula
  • Dairy Allergy Vs. Dairy Hypersensitivities
  • Signs of Milk Allergies in Babies
  • Organic formulas
  • The Importance of Iron Fortified Formulas
  • DHA and ARA
  • GMOs in Baby Formula
  • What's in Formula
  • Fortified Commercial Formula
  • Comparing breast milk to homemade formula (Chart)
  • Organic Baby Formula Ingredients (Chart)
  • Comparing Formula Contents (Chart)
  • Bottles/Nipples
  • Warm the Bottle
  • Cleaning the Bottles and Nipples
  • How Often To Feed How Much To Feed
  • How To Tell If An Infant Is Eating Enough Formula For Daily Consumption
  • Guidelines for weight gain
  • Breaking Down Ounces to CC’s
  • Burping the Baby
  • Cup feed a baby
  • Syringe Feeding
  • Finger Feeding
  • Sterilizing
  • Signs Of Underfeeding
  • Signs Of Over-feeding
  • Feeding Guidelines (chart)
  • Bottle-Feeding A Breast-Fed Baby



Plan Name Price
1 Year: $ 50.00


Nancy Hamm

Founder of Gentle Venture’s Training Center

Certified Advanced Newborn Care Specialist and Certified Advanced Infant Sleep Consultant

Nancy Hamm, CNCS, ISC is the Founder of Gentle Venture’s Training Classes. She has been a Newborn Care Specialist and Infant Sleep Consultant for 24 years and has over 40,000 hours of hands-on experience with babies. She has worked with twins, triplets, quads, sextuplets, preemies and generally the most precious children she could imagine.

Nancy also owns Exclusively Baby Nurses, Exclusively Newborns and Gentle Venture’s Training Center.

Nancy has taken college courses on Child Physiology and Child Development, has taken an extensive breastfeeding course through the La Leche League and is a Breastfeeding Educator through Lactation Management Skills. is a certified Happiest Baby on the Block Educator and has taken numerous sleep training courses.

Nancy founded the NCSA (Newborn Care Specialist Association) after it became clear there were no guidelines set for the certification of Newborn Care Specialists. She is a visionary in the field of newborn care, and through extensive research has become an expert on infant care.

Ms. Hamm says, “When all is said and done, my first love and my greatest passion is the caring and nurturing of newborn babies.”

Courses by this teacher

Name Level Release Date
Class 1 What it means to be a Newborn Care Specialist 05/22/2018
Newborn Care Specialist 05/22/2018
Newborn Nanny 05/22/2018
Class 2 Crying and Soothing 05/22/2018
Class 3 Swaddling, Sleep Conditioning and Training. 05/22/2018
Class 4 Poop & Pacifers 06/22/2018
Class 5 Formulas 06/22/2018
Class 6 Breastfeeding 06/22/2018
Colic and Reflux 06/22/2018
Class 8 Ailments 06/22/2018
Class 9 Hints and Tips You must know 06/22/2018
Class 10 Newborn Safety and Chemicals 06/22/2018
Class 11 Death of an Infant, Failure to Thrive and A Baby’s Mind 06/22/2018
NCS Ethics and Final Exam 06/22/2018
Newborn Nanny Ethics and Exam 06/22/2018
Class 12 4 to 6 months (NN) 07/24/2018
Class 13 7 to 9 months (NN) 07/24/2018
Class 14 10 to 12 Months (NN) 07/24/2018
Class 15 Every Day Issues (NN) 07/24/2018
The Holistic Newborn 02/12/2019
Holistic Newborn Nanny 04/30/2019
Class 1: Intro to Holistic Newborn 06/01/2020
Class 2: Holistic Why Babies Cry And Swaddling Explained 06/01/2020
Class 3: Holistic Sleep Conditioning And Training 06/01/2020
Class 4: Holistic Pooping, & Scheduling 06/01/2020
Class 5: Holistic Formulas 06/01/2020
Class 6: Holistic Breastfeeding Advantages & Issues 06/01/2020
Class 7: Holistic Reflux & Colic 06/01/2020
Class 8: Holistic Warning Signs in a Newborn & Ailments 06/01/2020
Class 9: Holistic Postpartum and Baby Blues 06/01/2020
Class 10: Holistic Newborn Safety & Chemicals 06/01/2020
Class 11: Holistic R.A.D., Failure to Thrive, A Baby's Mind, The Death of an Infant 06/01/2020
Class 12: Holistic 4-10 months 06/01/2020
Class 13: Holistic 10-18 months 06/01/2020
Class 14: Holistic The Professional NCS and final exam 06/01/2020
Vaccines 08/28/2020
ABC's of Business 08/28/2020
Sleep Deprivation For The NCS 08/28/2020
Sleep Training and Conditioning 09/08/2020
Students: Vaccines 08/28/2020
Students: ABC's of Business 08/28/2020
Students: Sleep Deprivation For The NCS 08/28/2020
Students: Sleep Training and Conditioning 09/08/2020
Class 1: Crunchy Mama's Holistic Guide 12/04/2020
Students Class 1: Crunchy Mama's Holistic Guide 12/04/2020
Class 2: Crunchy Mama's Holistic Guide 12/04/2020
Students Class 2: Crunchy Mama's Holistic Guide 12/04/2020
Class 3: Crunchy Mama's Holistic Guide 12/04/2020
Students Class 3: Crunchy Mama's Holistic Guide 12/04/2020
Class 4: Crunchy Mama's Holistic Guide 12/04/2020
Students Class 4: Crunchy Mama's Holistic Guide 12/04/2020
Class 5: Crunchy Mama's Holistic Guide 12/04/2020
Students Class 5: Crunchy Mama's Holistic Guide 12/04/2020
Class 6: Crunchy Mama's Holistic Guide 12/04/2020
Students Class 6: Crunchy Mama's Holistic Guide 12/04/2020
Class 7: Crunchy Mama's Holistic Guide 12/04/2020
Students Class 7: Crunchy Mama's Holistic Guide 12/04/2020
Crunchy Mama's Holistic Guide - Full Course 11/30/2020
Students: Crunchy Mama's Holistic Guide - Full Course 11/30/2020
Ethics 01/15/2022
Class 1b: Taking Care of Mama 05/12/2022
Class 1c: Baby Wearing 05/12/2022
How to Interview for a High-Profile Position 10/22/2022
How to Teach a Parenting Class 10/22/2022
Sense and Non-Sense 10/24/2022
Students: Sense and Non-Sense 10/24/2022
Essential Newborn Care Specialist Course - Streamline Edition 05/07/2024
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Class 5 Formulas

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